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WELCOME to the Office of the County Clerk, Jean Butcher!

10 Howard Street

Glenville, WV  26351

OFFICE HOURS:  8 am - 4 pm Monday thru Friday

CONTACT: (304) 462-7641

The County Clerk's position is an elected position for a six year term. The responsibilities of the County Clerk include the management of records of the County Commission and certain election duties.

TERM:  The County Clerk is elected by the citizens of the county to serve a six year term of office.  

The present term expires December 31, 2022 

DUTIES:  The responsibilities of the County Clerk and staff are: 

  • Issuance of marriage licenses, birth and death certificates
  • Record births, marriages and deaths in the county
  • Serve as Chief Voter Registration Official for the county
  • Registrar for all voters in the county
  • Conduct Absentee voting
  • Serve as election officer; prepare ballot and other election related duties; receive filings for county elective offices
  • Maintain custody and integrity of the county's voting machines, ballot boxes and other election supplies
  • Conduct training sessions for poll workers
  • Serves as recorder of all documents
  • Keep records of County Commission transactions
  • Keep minutes of all County Commission Meetings
  • Responsible for the book keeping of the county including budget, accounting and payroll
  • Prepare Financial Statement for the county
  • Set up appointments for County Commission
  • Responsible for public notice of all Commission meetings
  • Serve as Secretary for Civil Service Commission
  • Issue hunting and fishing licenses
  • Provide notary services
  • Issue military service discharge records
  • Probate wills and assist in administration of estates



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